MA’s Junior School

MAs Junior School

Ma’s Junior school was started later in 2007 as a nursery by UMOPs Bernard  Omuse, who, having identified gaps that still existed for early childhood education conceptualized the problem to play a part in the spiritual, social and economic transformation of society through provision of quality education. The school is located in UCI and serves the local population of Tororo including its neighboring districts.

Ma’s Junior School has 18 dedicated staff who execute the day to day activities of the school.

Hope for the future

A world full of hope for the future of children

To holistically develop children through provision of hope in love and compassion.


  • Academic Excellence
  • Love and compassion
  • Holistic Development

Management of Ma’s Junior School

Ma’s Junior school is currently run by PTA General Assembly, Board of Directors and Team of Staff.

It meets once every term and 3 times a year and is vested with the powers to elect members to PTA

PTA Board

Mas Junior School Organogram

Mas Junior School Organogram

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